Transformation Tuesday – January Newsletter

Meet Jessica! When asked, “What is weight loss surgery,” she shared the following: “WLS is the best decision I have ever made aside from marrying my husband. WLS is how I got my life back. WLS is how I became who I truly believe God created me to be; I’m freed to be me because […]

Transformation Tuesday – December Newsletter

Meet Tyler! He had gastric bypass surgery on December 2, 2020. His highest weight was 470 pounds and his current weight is 250 pounds. In addition to the pounds lost, Tyler has been able to accomplish a lifelong dream–he is now a police officer! Tyler began the Police Academy in May, but was unable to […]

Transformation Tuesday – November Newsletter

Meet Sherrie! In January of 2020 she hit her highest weight of 346 pounds. At this point, Sherrie could not breathe after walking a few feet. After a long journey of trying to lose weight on her own and years of wanting to change for others, Sherrie realized she had to change for herself. Prior […]

Transformation Tuesday – October Newsletter

Meet Shaun! He is happy to tell you about his incredible year. Shaun had weight loss surgery (sleeve) on January 13, 2021. His highest weight was 346 pounds, and his current weight is 237 pounds. Shaun’s goal was to lose 100 pounds in his first year and he has surpassed that goal! Shaun’s earliest recollection […]

Transformation Tuesday – September Newsletter

Meet Spencer! He is currently half the man he used to be and approaching his 1-year surgiversary. At his highest weight, Spencer was 385 pounds and he is currently 197 pounds. When asked about his goal weight he said, “As long as I’m not going up, I’m good!” Spencer recounts that he has struggled with […]

Why Weight Loss Surgery Works When Diets Don’t

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Caught In A Cycle Another year has come and gone, and here we are looking into the face of another new year. People will make decisions at the beginning of the New Year that they will soon break, and life will continue to move. In 2019, the top three resolutions made in the U.S. were: […]

Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Right For You?

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More people than ever are now looking towards bariatric surgery to treat their obesity problems. But with the number of surgical options available, which all produce substantial and sustained weight loss, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one would best suit your individual needs. So how do you decide which bariatric surgery would […]