Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Many people leave the United States for surgical procedures in other countries for a much cheaper price. Some of these patients have good results and some do not. We believe that our price is affordable and the opportunity for a successful surgery and long-term results is better achieved in our country. Our support system is available to each person to assist with long term successful weight loss. We have been privileged to provide an affordable safe self-funded sleeve for patients all over this country.

The Pitch

“Save lots of money and get really skinny.” It’s a compelling offer that’s tempting thousands of people who are told: “Weight loss surgery in Mexico is safe.”

“You can get just as high of quality surgery in Mexico as you can in the USA!”

These statements have proven themselves untrue!

Consequences of Mexican Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism Agencies

These companies or individuals that are pushing this agenda of Mexico medical tourism are only in this for the money. They are the ones pushing and marketing this message of Mexico surgeries. They get paid for each lead/referral they generate.

They DO NOT research the practices that they refer nor do they have the medical training necessary to make such claims such as “Bariatric surgery in Mexico is safe.”

These Medical Tourism agencies do not see the after-effects nor do they care. They deny all claims and just collect their referral fee and move on to the next victim.


Mexican Medical Practices

These practices are NOT regulated like USA medical centers. The country of Mexico prohibits malpractice lawsuits against Mexican doctors. Yes even if the doctor makes major mistakes there is no risk on them.

All USA medical centers are regulated to the highest standards and guidelines. There is no global medical regulation. When you travel outside the USA YOU are at risk 100%.

{The Picture From Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Service Service Company In Murfreesboro, TN. | Give Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Call Soon For The Best Service Services In Murfreesboro, Tennessee.}
{An Photo From Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Service Service Company In Murfreesboro, TN. | Give Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Call Asap For The Most Professional Service Services In Murfreesboro, Tennessee.}

Why Choose USA Practices

There are so many elements of quality control and safety for US patients that far outweigh any cheap discount. When it comes to your health and safety, no discount or gimmick is worth the risk of losing it all!

For the sake of yourself, your family, and your friends don’t make the irreversible mistake that too many people have already made.

Why Choose Us

Our facility is state of the art. All of our patients are able to see the surgeon, the nurse coordinator, the insurance specialist, and the dietitian, all in one location. The convenience of having the bariatric team under one roof means better care, right here.

Our Surgeon Dr. Wayne Westmoreland is the most experienced in his field with over 30 years.

Our pricing is very affordable but above all, the quality healthcare and experience are second to none.

{This Photo From Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Service Service Company In Murfreesboro, TN. | Contact Dr. Wayne Westmoreland Now For The Best Service Services In Murfreesboro, Tennessee.}

Do I Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?

Because weight loss surgery is still “considered” cosmetic surgery, it can be excluded from insurance plans that are self-funded by the employer. Tell an insulin-dependent diabetic that now takes no diabetic medication after bariatric surgery that it is cosmetic surgery and see your response! I tell patients in my seminar that we do not do surgery so you look better and feel better. We do weight loss surgery so you live longer and live better. In keeping with the ASMBS position statement for low BMI patients, we believe the 1991 NIH criteria that insurance companies use to determine who qualifies for weight loss surgery is out-dated. We also agree that obesity is a chronic disease and that earlier intervention is associated with greater long term success. Therefore, we will provide the appropriate self-funding candidate a surgical option for BMI >30 with co-morbidities, especially with a strong family history of diabetes or metabolic syndrome. All of our insurance candidates must have a BMI of 35.

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