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Affordable Self-Pay Weight Loss Surgery Options

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At the Murfreesboro Surgical Specialists, we understand the importance of surgery and have developed a weight loss program that fits all of our patients’ needs.

Tennessee is well known for having some of the lowest costs for weight loss surgery in the United States, specifically offering great value for those patients who require self-pay sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

For out-of-state and international patients, the Murfreesboro Surgical Specialists also makes special provision to ensure they undergo their bariatric surgery in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

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The Benefits of Self-Pay Surgery

Paying cash for weight loss surgery does offer quite a few benefits to patients, including the following

Pre-operative consultation with Dr. Westmoreland

Choice of facilities

Fully qualified and highly experienced anesthesiologist

Pre-surgery EKG, CMP, CBC and Chest X-rays.

Nutritional and psychological evaluations.

Pre-op educational classes.

9 post op visits with Dr. Westmoreland and 2 post op visits with the dietician following the procedure

Continued support from the Murfreesboro Surgical Specialists.

Do I Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?

Because weight loss surgery is still “considered” cosmetic surgery, it can be excluded from insurance plans that are self-funded by the employer. Tell an insulin-dependent diabetic that now takes no diabetic medication after bariatric surgery that it is cosmetic surgery and see your response! I tell patients in my seminar that we do not do surgery so you look better and feel better. We do weight loss surgery so you live longer and live better. In keeping with the ASMBS position statement for low BMI patients, we believe the 1991 NIH criteria that insurance companies use to determine who qualifies for weight loss surgery is out-dated. We also agree that obesity is a chronic disease and that earlier intervention is associated with greater long term success. Therefore, we will provide the appropriate self-funding candidate a surgical option for BMI >30 with co-morbidities, especially with a strong family history of diabetes or metabolic syndrome. All of our insurance candidates must have a BMI of 35.

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