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{An Pic From Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Service Service Company In Murfreesboro, TN. | Contact Dr. Wayne Westmoreland Soon For The Most Awesome Service Services In Murfreesboro, Tennessee.}
{The Image From Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Service Service Company In Murfreesboro, TN. | Give Dr. Wayne Westmoreland A Call Soon For The Greatest Service Services In Murfreesboro, Tennessee.}

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Grace Frazier
Grace Frazier
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Dr. Westmoreland and his office staff are top notch...They are very caring for their patients and their families. The office staff are there to assist with anything you or your family might need. Dr. Westmoreland is one of God's healers.
Susan Lonardelli
Susan Lonardelli
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I had surgery with Dr. Westmoreland and my whole experience from start to finish was FANTASTIC!!! I did not meet one person on his team that I did not love! His assistant Susan was very patient with me as I called often and bugged her with many questions! Lol She was always helpful and pleasant! I also enjoyed my one hour consult with Whitney and can't wait to continue working with her in the future!
Donald Alan Ketchum
Donald Alan Ketchum
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Dr. Wayne Westmoreland, of Murfreesboro Surgical Specialist, is in every since of the word, special! He is one of the foremost surgeons in his field of medicine and the cherry on top is that he conducts his care guided by a strong faith in Jesus Christ! God bless you Dr. Westmoreland for the excellent Christ centered care you’ve given me over the past several months!

Do I Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?

Because weight loss surgery is still “considered” cosmetic surgery, it can be excluded from insurance plans that are self-funded by the employer. Tell an insulin-dependent diabetic that now takes no diabetic medication after bariatric surgery that it is cosmetic surgery and see your response! I tell patients in my seminar that we do not do surgery so you look better and feel better. We do weight loss surgery so you live longer and live better. In keeping with the ASMBS position statement for low BMI patients, we believe the 1991 NIH criteria that insurance companies use to determine who qualifies for weight loss surgery is out-dated. We also agree that obesity is a chronic disease and that earlier intervention is associated with greater long term success. Therefore, we will provide the appropriate self-funding candidate a surgical option for BMI >30 with co-morbidities, especially with a strong family history of diabetes or metabolic syndrome. All of our insurance candidates must have a BMI of 35.

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