Transformation Tuesday – April Newsletter

Meet Sarah!

We are thrilled to celebrate her 1-year surgiversary and health! At her highest weight, Sarah weighed 383 pounds. Her current weight is 220 pounds! She is aiming to be below 200 pounds, which has not happened since she was 12 years old. This goal remains within reach as she continues to lose weight, reassess her strategies, and create sustainable changes.

Prior to weight loss surgery, Sarah described her health as “a recipe for disaster.” She explained, “I did lots of things to not take care of myself. It was just like dominoes. I let myself be comfortable with not changing; I had emotional stressors and turned to food because it was always there.”

Sarah has lost 100 pounds since surgery. She enjoys cooking as a form of expression and is able to love her family better by giving them nutritious foods. The only regret she has is not having had surgery 5 years ago. “Now, my health is building blocks for my future. Everything I’m doing now is trying to reset for the future. When you’re getting healthier, sometimes it exposes the stress you have put on your body for years–you see what’s accumulated. Everything I’m thinking of now is progress over perfection.”

Join us virtually on Tuesday, April 19 at 5pm to hear about Sarah’s victory over her health.

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