Transformation Tuesday – December Newsletter

Meet Tyler! He had gastric bypass surgery on December 2, 2020. His highest weight was 470 pounds and his current weight is 250 pounds. In addition to the pounds lost, Tyler has been able to accomplish a lifelong dream–he is now a police officer! Tyler began the Police Academy in May, but was unable to pass the physical test. He tried his first week and his last week, but was unable to graduate with his classmates in August. Tyler did not give up and hit the gym with more determination–working out 5 days a week with running and lifting weights. Tyler retook his physical test in November and this time he passed!!! Tyler has built so much muscle strength over the last year. Additionally, he is more engaged at home with his wife and children. In fact, a few weeks after surgery, Tyler found that he had so much energy–he was cleaning the house, doing laundry, and even making his wife breakfast in bed. Tyler’s family has greatly benefitted from his surgery. His wife is able to give him full hugs and his young children get to play chase with him. Tyler can move and play around so much better AND without pain. Join us virtually on Tuesday, December 7 at 5:30 pm to hear about Tyler’s transformation and to celebrate his success.

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