Transformation Tuesday – February Newsletter

Meet Rob! He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

At his highest weight, Rob weighed over 650 pounds. Growing up, he was always the biggest kid in class and was usually picked to play Santa Clause. He remembers being in 6th grade and weighing 300 pounds. Four years ago, Rob learned that he was going to be a grandfather. Three years ago, Rob’s Primary Care Physician told him that if he didn’t make a change, then he would be dead in 5 years. Both becoming a grandfather and receiving the news from his PCP that he was on borrowed time motivated Rob to pursue weight loss surgery (WLS).

Rob explained, “No matter what I did, nothing worked. I was on a diet for about 90% of my life. WLS has not been hard for me–and that’s really surprised me. I had to lose 50 pounds before I could have surgery–I lost 100 pounds prior to surgery. My wife and I dove right into the healthy eating plan.”

Sharing his story is something that Rob learned how to do through Celebrate Recovery (CR). He appreciates any chance he has to tell others about his transition from being disabled to having an amazing life. Rob believes that, “Bariatric surgery is a way for people who have lost all hope to reclaim their lives.” And he spreads that hope to everyone! Learn more about Rob’s transformation and the joys of grandparenting on Tuesday, February 15 at 5pm.

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