Transformation Tuesday – January Newsletter

Meet Jessica!

When asked, “What is weight loss surgery,” she shared the following:
“WLS is the best decision I have ever made aside from marrying my husband. WLS is how I got my life back. WLS is how I became who I truly believe God created me to be; I’m freed to be me because I’m not carrying around a whole extra person.”

Jessica is thankful for her second chance. The week of Thanksgiving (2020), she feared that she was going to have a heart attack and die. After she got out of the hospital, she decided it was time to choose health 100%. Jessica had gastric bypass surgery in May of 2021 and a year after her heart scare and hospital stay, she competed in the BoroDash (a 4-mile Thanksgiving day race). She does not like running, but she loves to move. Her goal for 2022 is to regularly participate in races, either monthly or bi monthly.

At her highest, Jessica weighed 327 pounds, and today, she weighs 167 pounds–a weight she hasn’t seen since she was 10 years old!

Join us virtually on Tuesday, January 18 at 5 pm to learn more about Jessica’s freedom from obesity.

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