Transformation Tuesday – October Newsletter

Meet Shaun! He is happy to tell you about his incredible year. Shaun had weight loss surgery (sleeve) on January 13, 2021. His highest weight was 346 pounds, and his current weight is 237 pounds. Shaun’s goal was to lose 100 pounds in his first year and he has surpassed that goal!

Shaun’s earliest recollection of his weight problem was in 5th grade. He has struggled his entire life with obesity and reached a breaking point after experiencing some complications with his diabetes as well as a decline in his kidney functions. Shaun had neuropathy and decided it was time to make a change. In addition to losing over 100 pounds, Shaun has lost his medications and limited mobility. He shared, “I feel great! The other day I jogged 2.3 miles without stopping. I jumped a fence at work recently! I hopped right over, it was no big deal.”

Shaun has been married for 17 years. He and his wife have two children and now he can keep up with both of them. “WLS is wonderful and absolutely life-changing. It’s not a miracle, but it’s life-saving. It saved my life without a doubt. The little things–I don’t hurt as badly when I get out of the bed and it doesn’t take me 18 years to get out of the floor; I chase my son around the house without getting tired or having my knees hurt. I’m more outgoing than I used to be–my wife can wrap her arms all the way around me now.”

Join us virtually on Tuesday, October 12 at 5:30 pm to hear Shaun’s story and learn more about his transformation.

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