Transformation Tuesday – September Newsletter

Meet Spencer! He is currently half the man he used to be and approaching his 1-year surgiversary. At his highest weight, Spencer was 385 pounds and he is currently 197 pounds. When asked about his goal weight he said, “As long as I’m not going up, I’m good!”

Spencer recounts that he has struggled with his weight since 6th grade. His parents and a few siblings have also struggled. Spencer has been married 24 years and most of that time, he has weighed over 300 pounds. Despite all his efforts, he explained he could never break past 312 pounds. Spencer’s wife suggested they look into weight loss surgery, and when he mentioned it to his primary care physician, he was very supportive. Spencer explained that he never had a turning point moment in regards to surgery; his experience was a series of confirmations that started with the conversation he had with his PCP and the encouragement he received from the Bariatric Center.

Spencer’s ultimate NSV is his quality of life! “My quality of life is the greatest! I never noticed how poor my quality of life was until I noticed all the things I can do now. I’m 100% better.” Join us virtually on Tuesday, September 14 at 5:30pm to hear more about Spencer’s active lifestyle and all the things he is able to do now like shop for clothes at any store

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